June 29, 2021

Wild-cards for the main singles draw have been assigned

Wild-cards for the main singles draw have been assigned

Filip Jianu (19 years old, 324 ATP) can be sure of a wild-card at the „Concord Iași Open” 2021, a tournament with ATP Challenger 100 status, because he is the second Romanian player in the world ranking, after Marius Copil (224).
Nicholas Ionel (18 years old, 523 ATP) and Cezar Crețu from Iași (20 years old, 790 ATP) will receive the other two wild-cards of the most important ATP tournament in Romania, the three young tennis players benefiting in 2020 from the support organizers to play directly on the main singles draw of the competition with 88,520 euros prize money.
If among the players directly accepted on the main singles draw we will record enough withdrawals so that Filip can also be accepted directly, then his wild-card will be given to another young Romanian player.


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