Iași Open Tickets and Weekly Pass

The Iași Open weekly pass provides access to all the matches taking place at the tournament for a week and are only available until April 15th 2023. This is a convenient option for fans who want to see multiple matches and follow the tournament closely. With a weekly pass, you can enjoy the excitement of the tournament from start to finish, watch your favorite players compete, and experience the atmosphere of the event for 320 lei per person for each tournament.

  • Weekly Pass

    [535 lei] 320 Lei


The Iași Open tickets are available starting March 15 on entertix.ro and in Cărturești Shops. The prices per day per person below:

  • Monday

    45 Lei

  • Tuesday

    45 Lei

  • Wednesday

    45 Lei

  • Thursday

    65 Lei

  • Friday

    65 Lei

  • Saturday

    120 Lei

  • Sunday

    150 Lei

Tickets may not be resold or transferred by anyone other than the organisers. Please ensure tickets are purchased from our ticket partner, Entertix or Carturesti Box Office. We thank you for your cooperation!


Premium Experience

The Partners Lounge is the designated area reserved for VIPs, such as sponsors, dignitaries, and other special guests. The VIP area offers a variety of amenities and services, such as premium seating, exclusive hospitality areas, all în all a more exclusive and luxurious experience for VIPs.

The VIP box seating is the premium seating area close to the court and offering a more exclusive experience. VIP boxes are private, enclosed areas that offer comfortable seating.



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