July 04, 2023

Vlad Holicov, Pizza Di Napo: Authentic pizza for champions, tie break interview

Vlad Holicov, Pizza Di Napo: Authentic pizza for champions, tie break interview

Vlad Holicov - owner of Pizza Di Napo, partner CONCORD IASI OPEN and BCR IASI OPEN

1. How was Pizza Di Napo founded? What inspired you to start your entrepreneurial journey and how has that initial inspiration developed over time?

I took over this business in April 2022, when I found out that this business is for sale. I asked for a month of test days, to have access to the location to try the passion carried out until then on a small scale - in the home kitchen.

I stepped into the Pizza di Napo story out of passion. We have passionately researched and perfected the dough, the ingredient mixes and the atmosphere that we now give to customers.
The hours spent dedicatedly in the kitchen, next to the oven or among the tables, showed me that it is an activity that I do with love.

Now, over 1 year since I had the courage to follow my dream, I see Pizza di Napo created out of pure passion, in many hours of searching, kneading, trying and perfecting.

2. Pizza Di Napo's vision mission?

When some say "it's hard", we say "it's beautiful". And that comes from passion.

We love authenticity, and it shows in the recipes we prepare, the ingredients we choose and the people we bring with us. We seek to be as truthful as possible first of all to ourselves, to know our values and priorities.

3. What steps do you take to stay ahead of the competition and stay innovative in your approach to Pizza Di Napo?

Pizza di Napo's customers are from all age groups. It is a brand that speaks to lovers of Italian gastronomy, to those who have been to Italy and tasted the "original", to those who are looking for peace and warmth when they go out with friends or family, even with their dog or cat.

We present ourselves as we are, with an open soul, and what we create in the kitchen and bring to the customers' table is the expression of this authenticity. For the promotion part, we outsourced the services, we found the right person who expresses in the virtual space everything we do.

4. What do the Iași Open tournaments mean for Pizza Di Napo and for Iași?

The opportunity to feel the international sporting experience a few minutes from home.

5. How is Pizza Di Napo working within the Iasi Open to enhance the fan experience and create a lasting impression for participants?

We will be the official pizza suppliers for the Partners Lounge. We will offer a coffee from the house to those who show up at the Pizza Di Napo location and show us proof of coming to the tennis: CONCORD IASI OPEN & BCR IASI OPEN, throughout the month of July.

6. What is Pizza Di Napo's appeal to tennis fans?

I extend the invitation to come to the venue and they will be able to see the cap signed by Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon 2010.
I promise them that in addition to the best pizza, I will tell about one of the most beautiful experiences, how I had the opportunity to see the 2 great athletes.

7. How do the Pizza Di Napo values intersect with the Iași Open values?

Pizza di Napo is distinguished by authenticity, recalling the Neapolitan spirit through passion for craft, the importance given to family and community, through determination. Tennis is a sport that puts determination first. And community is another shared value.

Extra: what is the recipe for success?

We do everything with passion and 100% commitment to create an authentic and memorable experience. And tennis itself denotes passion, commitment and determination.


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