July 17, 2021

The program for Saturday, July 17, at Concord Iași Open.

The program for Saturday, July 17, at Concord Iași Open.

What time is the doubles final Orlando Luz / Felipe Meligeni Rodrigues Alves - Hernan Casanova / Roberto Ortega-Olmedo
The matches on Saturday, July 17, 2021, at Concord Iași Open 2021, are scheduled to start at 12 o'clock. It will be played on a single field, on Field 1, and the first meeting will be between Hugo Gaston, from France, and Felipe Meligeni, from Brazil, in the first singles semifinal. After this game, the Serbian Miljan Zekic and the Czech Zdenek Kolar will enter the field, for the second semifinal of the singles tournament.
The day will end with the final of the doubles tournament, not before 3 pm, and the award ceremony.
CConcord Iași Open is an ATP Challenger 100 tournament organized by Concord Service Center in partnership with Iași City Hall and the Romanian Tennis Federation.
The partners of Concord Iași Open 2021, which make this tennis tournament the most important sporting event in Iași, are the following:
Main Partners - Iaşi City Hall, Romanian Tennis Federation, Concord Service Center
Platinum Partners - UiPath, BCR, Lenovo, Nera Computers
Gold partners - DHL, Sandra Trading, F.Egidio
Silver Partners - Strarom, Fiterman Pharma, Omniclean, eXpert Vision, Zimbru, Preventis, Kinetic, Unirea Hotel and SPA, Chelaru and Associates
Coreco tennis club from Iasi
Sports High school Iasi, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Iasi
Media Partners - Tenisite, Radio Hit, Dragoş Gaspar Site
Logistic Partner - DHL


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