August 01, 2022

The main drawing was drawn at the BCR Iași Open.

The main drawing was drawn at the BCR Iași Open.

The main drawing was drawn at the BCR Iași Open.

Romanian duel in the first round, between Ana Bogdan and Oana Simion. Who will the other Romanians play / Sunday's matches rescheduled due to rain
On Sunday at noon, the draw for the main draw took place at the BCR Iași Open, a tournament with WTA 125 status, with total prizes of 115,000 dollars. The draw took place at the Ciric Sports Base and was officiated by the WTA supervisor Mihaela Testiban, assisted by Daniel Dobre - tournament director, Andrei Orita - tournament license holder, Vlad Zdrențu - main referee, Gabriel Iftimoaie - administrative director and player Elena Frame.
Romania has, at least until the qualifying matches, eight players present on the main draw, two of which will meet in the first round.
Ana Bogdan, favorite no. 3 in Iași, 108th WTA, finalist at the WTA 250 tournament in Warsaw, will meet in the inaugural round Oana Simion (450 WTA), beneficiary of a wild card, player who is on the main draw for the first time at a WTA.
Gabriela Talabă-Lee (146 WTA), who in Warsaw played in the round of 16 with world leader Iga Swiatek, will play in the first round in Iasi with the main favorite, the Swiss Viktorija Golubic, world number 103.
Ieșanca Andreea Prisăcariu (342nd WTA), holder of a wild card, will meet the Russian Anastasia Zakharova, world number 160, in the first round.
For her part, Irina Bara, 125th WTA, will play in the inaugural round with a player from the qualifiers, just like Mihaela Buzărnescu (132 WTA).
It is interesting that in the 2nd round we could have two Romanian duels. One between Irina Bara and Mihaela Buzărnescu, the second between Ana Bogdan or Oana Simion and Andreea Prisăcariu from Ieșan, in case the latter will pass Zakharova.
Here are the opponents of the players from Romania in the first round at the BCR Iași Open:
Gabriela Talabă Lee – Viktorija Golubic (Switzerland, No. 1)
Mihaela Buzărnescu – Player coming from the qualifications
Irina Bara – Player coming from the qualifiers
Ana Bogdan (No. 3) – Oana Simion (WC)
Andreea Prisăcariu (WC) – Anastasia Zakharova (Russia)
Alexandra Cadanțu Ignatik – Natalia Vikhlyantseva (Russia)
Briana Szabo (WC) – Reka Luca Jani (Hungary)
Sunday's games rescheduled for Monday due to rain
The qualifying matches should have started on Sunday morning, but the heavy rain in Iași overturned the entire program.
As the weather did not allow the matches to start until the evening, around 18.00 the organizers announced the cancellation of the Sunday program and the rescheduling of the qualifying matches for Monday, August 1.


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