September 20, 2020

Spaniard Carlos Taberner, the first champion in the history of "Concord Iasi Open"

Spaniard Carlos Taberner, the first champion in the history of "Concord Iasi Open"

The first edition of the ATP Challenger 100 tennis tournament, "Concord Iași Open", the biggest tennis tournament organized in Romania, came to an end. After a final of only two sets, and almost two hours of play, the Spaniard Carlos Taberner, the favorite with no. 5 in the competition, became the first champion in the history of this competition.

In the final played on the grounds of the Ciric Sports Base of the Iași City Hall, Carlos won 6-4, 7-6 (4), in front of the Frenchman Mathias Bourgue.

For the Iberian, this is the most valuable result of his career and, for sure, he will remember the tournament in Iași all his life.

"Congratulations and thanks to all, to the organizers and sponsors of this tournament. It was a perfect tournament, I had a wonderful time here and I hope to come here next year as well ", said the Frenchman Mathias Bourgue, this year's finalist, at the Awards Ceremony, followed by the short speech of the champion, the Spaniard Carlos Taberner: "Thanks to everyone who made this tournament possible. The organization was incredible. Thanks to the officials of this tournament, the supervisor, the ball kids, the umpires, all those who worked for this tournament. You did a wonderful job. Congratulations!".
And the first edition of this tournament could not end without a few thoughts addressed by Andrei Oriță, the organizer of this tournament, General Manager of Concord Service Center, the company that gave the name of the biggest tennis tournament in Romania: “I would like to thank the volunteers of this tournament, Casta Morelly and Euro Demos, who volunteered many hours this week, we thank the ball kids, who were at an extraordinary level and endured less favorable days, we thank the line umpires who were so well organized.

We also thank the director of the tournament, the officials of the Romanian Tennis Federation, who were our reliable partners, they initiated this tournament and provided us with the necessary knowledge and technical skills, and last but not least the City Hall of Iasi, which let us have this beautiful base and was a reliable partner, with months of work and involvement to host a tournament of the highest level.
All these months of work have been crowned with nine days of tennis filled with many powerful tennis matches and I look forward with optimism to the next editions. We apologize to the spectators who could not attend the matches due to the legal provisions in force and we hope to have as many of you as possible in future editions ".
Finally, Andrei Oriță did not forget about the two finalists and wanted to send them a short message after the first singles final in the history of Concord Iași Open: "It was a wonderful week, you played some very good matches and you eliminated the top two favorites of the tournament. The level of your tennis was incredible, and I wish you to reach the Top 100 as soon as possible, but don't forget to come to Iasi. I hope you had a pleasant stay given the difficult conditions that everyone is going through. "

"Concord Iași Open", ATP Challenger 100 Category tournament, endowed with total prizes worth 88,520 euros, benefits from the support of the entire Iași community and the support of trusted sponsors and partners, whom we would like to thank: Concord Service Center, NERA Computers, Lenovo Romania, Certus Software Romania, Iași City Hall, Romanian Tennis Federation, Tvr Iasi Online, Travis Tourism, Stra-Rom Advertising Production, Fiterman Pharma, Kinetic Social, Preventis Iasi Sports Club, Unirea Iasi Hotel, Coriolan, Omniclean, Zimbru Premium, F.Egidio, Expert Vision, RadioHit Iasi, Evenimentul, TeniSite, Chelaru & Asociații, as well as EuroDemos and Kasta Morrely, for the wonderful teams of volunteers who were with us at the Ciric Sports Base this week and who, with professionalism and enthusiasm, contributed to the smooth running of the Concord Iasi Open 2020.


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