July 04, 2023

Marian Olteanu, GRAMMA WINES: Feel the passion of the wine game of the GRAMMA conversation, tie break interview

Marian Olteanu, GRAMMA WINES: Feel the passion of the wine game of the GRAMMA conversation, tie break interview

Marian Olteanu, founder of GRAMMA WINES, partner CONCORD IASI OPEN and BCR IASI OPEN

1. How was Gramma Wines founded? What inspired you to start your entrepreneurial journey and how has that initial inspiration developed over time?

Marian Olteanu: Well, the credit goes to my parents who, having a life, had the courage (or the unconsciousness) to access the first variant of European funds in Romania - the SAPARD funds.

I can't say that at the age of 21 I had a great desire to work, but once I got there, meeting the team and realizing that we need a name - a future brand that fans of our wines will have to resonate with (other than Casa Olteanu) , the spark occurred.

2. Gramma Wines mission/vision?

Marian Olteanu: We want to reconfirm the potential of our region, the largest and most diverse in the country: the Moldavian Hills.

Our mission is to make the most of this potential, combining technology and creativity in obtaining special wines.

Moreover, we want to preserve and increase the viticultural potential of the city of Iași, planting vines in an already residential area, on urban land, gradually becoming an urban vineyard.

3. What steps do you take to stay ahead of the competition and stay innovative in your approach?

Marian Olteanu: I think we have found our special place in relation to the competition, and that comes naturally from the fact that we are a relatively new winery, with a young and very anchored team at the moment. Our competitors are actually colleagues, friends with whom we share the same passion for wine.

Gramma basically means the place, the wine and the people, both those who get the wine and those who choose it to taste it.
We don't stop growing, both quality and horizons.

4. What do the Iași Open tournaments mean for Gramma Wines and for Iași?

Marian Olteanu: Fresher and more cosmopolitan air in our city. It is already known that sport, and especially tennis, gathers around it quality people and coagulates an interesting part of the community.

It's a good opportunity for people from Iași to go out and do something else, to choose an athlete to support and live every game intensely.

The Concord Iași Open and BCR Iași Open tournaments represent another element that contributes to the increasingly special air that our city has.

5. How does Gramma Wines work within the Iași Open to enhance the fan experience and create a lasting impression for participants?

Marian Olteanu: How else, than by offering for tasting some wines that we are proud of?

We will bring both white, rose and red wines, with labels drawn by master Horațiu Mălăele, who we know is also a great tennis lover. We will also contribute to the effervescence of the game, with sparkling wines.

6. What is Gramma Wines' appeal to tennis fans?

Marian Olteanu: Balance in everything, especially regarding alcohol consumption and zero tolerance when it comes to driving.

7. How do the Gramma values intersect with the Iași Open values?

Marian Olteanu: I will answer like this: the first thing that came to my mind when I read the question was the word "fairplay", which I think is an essential term, both in wine and in tennis.

Extra: What is the recipe for success?

Marian Olteanu: A blend of ambition, passion, perseverance and determination.


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