July 12, 2023

Manuela Manea, Q Estetic innovates the tournament experience, tie break interview

Manuela Manea, Q Estetic innovates the tournament experience, tie break interview

Manuela Manea is an entrepreneur, wife, mother of 3 boys and the manager of Q Estetic beauty clinics.

1. How was Q Aesthetic founded? What inspired you to start your entrepreneurial journey and how has that initial inspiration developed over time?

Manuela Manea: I created Q Estetic starting from the idea that every woman is beautiful in her own way, every woman is special, she is unique, but at some point she may need a little push to help her discover the best version her. It is a place specially thought and created for women, where the latest technologies in facial and body aesthetics, the pleasant and relaxing environment and the warm approach make you walk with pleasure and confidence.
My previous professional experience in a corporate environment led me to want to switch gears and start down this path of entrepreneurship. Initially, it was from the desire to have the possibility to manage my time and daily schedule by myself, but also because I wanted to bring a new breath to the beauty area in Iași. This grain of inspiration has developed over time and its evolution can be seen in the 4 years of existence of the Q Aesthetic center.

2. Mission vision Q Aesthetic?

Manuela Manea: We offer a wide range of treatments specially designed for the needs of each person who enters the Q Estetic clinics.
At Q Estetic we have created a warm, welcoming, confidential environment where we bring state-of-the-art technology and quality care to give our patients a memorable experience.
Through the services they offer, Q Estetic challenges you to achieve the version that represents you best: a beautiful, young, energetic and confident version.

3. What steps do you take to stay ahead of the competition and stay innovative in Q Aesthetic?'s approach

Manuela Manea: Just like in other industries and in the beauty industry, technologies are constantly evolving and it is very important to keep up with them. From the beginning, we wanted to offer innovative treatments that bring the best results, and we maintain our position.
Competition is important and helps you want to be better every day, work harder and strive to always be one step ahead. At Q Estetic, in addition to state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, the guarantee of high-quality services comes first. From employees who have to live up to certain standards, to the atmosphere in the clinic, to the service and approach, everything has to be superlative.
We treat our patients the same way I would want to be treated when I walk into a beauty clinic.

4. What do the Iași Open tournaments mean for Q Estetic and for Iași?

Manuela Manea: The BCR IASI OPEN tournament and in fact, any sports competition of this magnitude is very important for a city, and the fact that Iași has the honor of hosting it cannot but make us happy. The Open tournament will bring a lot of public from the country and abroad, who will have the opportunity to visit the tourist attractions of Iași and get familiar with the beauty and cultural wealth of our city. In recent years, Iasi has developed beautifully and really deserves to be discovered by as many people as possible.

5. How does Q Estetic work within the Iași Open to improve the fan experience and create a lasting impression for participants?

Manuela Manea: We joined as partners in the Iasi Open event because we strongly believe in the power and importance of sport in improving the quality of life.
At Q Estetic every day we are concerned with offering a quality experience to everyone who crosses our threshold and, therefore, we want the players from the WTA tournament as well as the tennis fans who will participate in this very important sports competition to enjoy an unforgettable experience. I think that in addition to the quality of the event and the performance of the athletes, the experience that the participants will enjoy is very important. In addition, we have an important concern to facilitate the access of people from disadvantaged groups (who use wheelchairs) to this event, to bring them closer to the joy of the spectacle of high-class tennis.

6. What is Q Aesthetic CTA for tennis fans?

Manuela Manea: Tennis has become one of the most popular sports, especially since Romania can be proud of valuable players who are at the top of the international rankings.
We are delighted to be partners in this competition and invite tennis enthusiasts, but not only, to participate in this sporting event as they will enjoy an exceptional experience.

7. How do the values of the Q Estetic brand intersect with the values of Iași Open?

Manuela Manea: Among the values that underlie Q Estetic are fairness, seriousness, balance, positive attitude and continuous learningotherwise, basic principles for an athlete who achieves performance. I think that it is precisely the fact that we find ourselves in these principles, in the rigor and ethics of a sports competition, that led us to get involved and support this project. We are glad that together we can also harmonize our concerns for people with disabilities and that together we can offer them a framework in which to bring them the joy of the show.

Extra: what is the recipe for success?

Manuela Manea: Success for each of us can have different connotations. To find the recipe for success you must first analyze and determine what it means for you to be successful.
On a personal level, for me success means balance in the family, harmony and the joy of spending as much time as possible with loved ones. And on a professional level, success means the development of Q Estetic, as many patients as possible satisfied with our services and continuous improvement.
Regardless of what you seek to achieve, it is important to never forget the moral values and principles you have, to constantly seek a balance in everything and to persevere in what you do. For us, success is being able to bring joy to the lives of our customers and partners.


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