June 03, 2023

If it's June 1, it's Kids' Day in Iasi!

If it's June 1, it's Kids' Day in Iasi!

On Thursday, June 1, almost 200 children stormed Grădina Palas in Iasi, to play tennis with two beloved players, Raluca Olaru and Andreea Mitu, but also with the Super Heroes Captain America and Spider Man.

Kids' Day, an event offered to children by the organizers of the Concord Iași Open and BCR Iași Open tournaments, brought together in a spectacular setting children of all ages, from 6 years old to almost of age, beginners or advanced, all participants having the opportunity many surprises.

Raluca Olaru: "It is important to teach children to play sports, from an early age"

Raluca Olaru, former number 53 in the world, was enthusiastic about the atmosphere in the Palas Garden, where over 150 children came to enjoy sports and especially tennis.

"It was a superb action, the atmosphere was incredible! I went to Iași for the last time when I was also a child, around 15 years old, and I'm really glad that I came back. I am happy to be here. It is very important for children to exercise, not necessarily tennis. And not just for children, but for all people. It is important at the same time to teach children, from a young age, to be active, to do sports, to be outdoors, especially nowadays, with these social networks. I think it's important to teach children about outdoor activities from a young age. Tennis is a very beautiful sport, I hope it continues to develop, because there is still room and I want more and more people to appreciate tennis", said Raluca Olaru, who does not exclude the option of playing a demonstration match at the BCR Iași Open tournament , in July.

Andreea Mitu wants to play at the BCR Iași Open, both in singles and doubles.

Also present last year in Iasi, on Children's Day, Andreea Mitu wanted to participate in Kids' Day this year as well. Our 31-year-old player, who in 2015 reached the round of 16 at Roland Garros, hopes to be on the field in July, at the WTA 125 BCR Iasi Open tournament, both in doubles, through her ranking, and in singles .

"Very nice atmosphere in Iasi. I was also last year, I'm glad to be here again and I see a superior organization compared to the previous edition. There were also some 8-year-old children here who really played tennis, I was really impressed. I want to play in the Iași tournament, I'm trying to enter the doubles with my ranking and we'll see for the singles if I get a wild-card", said Andreea Mitu.

In addition to enjoying tennis, the children also had other surprises from the organizers, stretching, Zumba, warm up or photo booth.

The Kids Day event was organized by the Iasi Open Association in partnership with BCR, AdServio,
Vitamin Aqua, Oxygen Sports & Spa, Decathlon and Iulius Group.

The Concord Iași Open and BCR Iași Open tournaments will take place at the Ciric Sports Base, between July 10-23

In July 2023, the Ciric Sports Base will host two powerful international tennis tournaments.
In the week of July 10-16, the Concord Iași Open - ATP Challenger 100 men's tournament takes place, the most
important men's tennis tournament in Romania, in its 4th edition, and in the week immediately following, July 17-23, the women's tournament BCR Iași Open - WTA 125, reached its second edition.

Tickets for Concord Iași Open and BCR Iași Open are available on Entertix.ro and in stores Cărturești.


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