July 08, 2021

Giving credit to the young Romanian players!

Giving credit to the young Romanian players!

Well, this just happened, so Filip (19 years old, 324th place in the ATP hierarchy) will no longer need his invitation on the board of 32 of the ATP Challenger 100 tournament.
The organizers could give the wild card left available to a player with a famous name, from the first hundredth of the world, maybe even from the top 50, of the caliber of the Spaniard Pablo Andujar, who last year was the favorite no. 1. But Andrei Oriță, the owner of the tournament, decided to go with the young Romanian players and decided to invite Ștefan Paloși on the main board, the one who won the pre-qualifications in the morning and had been rewarded with a wild card on the board of 16 of the qualifications scheduled on Sunday and Monday, at Ciric Base.
Paloși's wild card remained available in the qualifying round, his place on the board of 16 will be taken by Vlad Dancu, the finalist in the pre-qualifications. The first invitation to qualify was awarded by the organizers of "Concord Iasi Open" 2021 to Alexandru Coman (16 years old, from Dinamo Bucharest) as soon as he became national champion Under 18, and the third wild-card was awarded today by the Romanian Federation of Tennis to Dan Tomescu (22 years old, from Dinamo), favorite no. 1 of the pre-qualifications.
We can also announce the first wild-card on the doubles board, this being assigned to the Filip Jianu / Vlad Cornea couple.
The other two wild-cards granted by the organizers on the main board remain with Cezar Cretu (20 years old) and Nicholas Ionel (18 years old) from Iași.


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