July 10, 2021

Five Romanians on the main board at Concord Iași Open 2021.

Five Romanians on the main board at Concord Iași Open 2021.

Thus, Marius Copil, no. 6 seed, has to wait to find out his opponent's name, given that he will meet a player from the qualifications, an identical situation for Filip Cristian Jianu, the second Romanian to enter the competition board directly.
As for the three Romanian players who received Wild-Cards from the organizers, they will play as follows: Cezar Cretu with a Croatian, Duje Ajdukovic, Stefan Palosi with the Italian Matteo Donati and Nicholas David Ionel with a Spaniard, Nikolas Sanchez Izquierdo.
Sunday is scheduled the first day of competition at Concord Iași Open 2021, one with the qualifying matches, and with five Romanians on the main board.
It will be played on three fields, starting at 10.00, and on Field 1, in the first match, Mihai Alexandru Coman will meet Uladzimir Ignatik from Belarus. At the same time, but on Field 2, Vlad Andrei Dancu plays against a Frenchman, Matteo Martineau, these matches being followed, on Field 1, by the meeting between Matei Cristian Onofrei and the Colombian Alejandro Gonzalez, respectively on Field 2 of the match between Alexandru Jecan and Czech David Poljak.
Finally, in the fifth match of the day with a Romanian on the field, Dan Alexandru Tomescu will be face to face with the Frenchman Matthieu Perchicot.
SUNDAY'S SCHEDULE, JULY 11, 2021 - www.protennislive.com/posting/2021/8394/op.pdf
SIMPLES MAIN BOARD - www.protennislive.com/posting/2021/8394/mds.pdf
SIMPLES QUALIFICATIONS TABLE - www.protennislive.com/posting/2021/8394/qs.pdf
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