August 07, 2022

Daniel Dobre, director of the BCR Iași Open tournament:

Daniel Dobre, director of the BCR Iași Open tournament:

"First of all, I would like to thank the players, because no matter how beautiful the organization is, no matter how well things go, without their passion and daily involvement, without their dedication we would not have this show. And if we just think about the finalists at the moment, they've had two very good weeks behind them, they've both played between 14 and 16 games, they've changed planes, cars and yet they've given us an incredible final. So first of all let's thank the players, without whom this show would not be possible. We must also thank the people of Iași. I am coming here for the third time and I have to say that Iași is a city that is developing only for the better, it has a positive energy. And the people who participate in this tournament, I'm talking about those who provide this wonderful field, children of balls, volunteers, sponsors, drivers, they are all wonderful and without them, along with the players, this tournament would not be possible".


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