June 17, 2021

Andrei Pavel is the director of the second edition of "Concord Iași Open", a tournament with ATP Challenger 100 status!

Andrei Pavel is the director of the second edition of "Concord Iași Open", a tournament with ATP Challenger 100 status!

"Concord Iași Open" remains at its second edition a supporter of the most promising young Romanian players. Jianu (19 years old), Ionel (18 years old) and Cretu (20 years old) had the opportunity last year to play directly on the main board of the most important ATP tournament in Romania. Maybe they will also be chosen for the competition scheduled between July 12 and 18, also at Ciric Base, maybe there will be others, but besides the fact that they are offered the chance to climb tens and even hundreds of places in the world rankings, they have the opportunity to be around names situated where they soon want to get. But this year they will have an extra privilege.

Those talented Romanian players mentioned did not grow up admiring Andrei Pavel on TV. They couldn't see him reaching 13th place in the ATP hierarchy, but they must have heard his name thousands of times since they started playing tennis. He remains even now, more than a decade after his retirement, the best Romanian singles player after Ilie Năstase, enchanting us with his perfect one-handed backhand, by the book. I will not list his performances as a player or even as a coach, although it must be said that Simona Halep in tournaments became number 1 in the world with him, that Marius Copil had a consistent rise to the top of tennis with him.

Thus, Pavel knows everything it takes for a promising player to reach the top. Now he is in charge of the young Nicholas Ionel, Sebastian Gima and Ștefan Paloși, but it is not excluded to see him in Iași playing with Pablo Cuevas (35 years old, no. 85 ATP), the one in whose company he ended his career in 2009, when he was 35 years old as well. It was then perhaps like a handover and maybe Cuevas (the highest ranking, 19th place, reached 30, the age at which Pavel was the 13th place in the world) will hand it over to someone right in Iasi.

Andrei Pavel knew how to win in front of remarkable names, but also how to lose, and at the beginning of their career the young players who will eventually thrive have to learn how to lose. I don't think anyone was born a champion, without having to receive lesson after lesson from defeats. Otherwise, the great victories cannot appear.

We can't know how many victories Pavel will collect in Iași as a coach, but he will have a "match" that he must surely win. The program no longer allows Daniel Dobre, the director of 2020, to continue this year, so the organizers proudly announce that Andrei Pavel is the director of the second edition of "Concord Iași Open", a tournament with ATP Challenger 100 status!
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February 23, 2023
Ana Bogan, "Luceafărul" of the first edition "BCR Iasi Open"

Malvina Cservenski, the founder of Malvensky, the jewelry house that provided the gold-plated trophies for the champions and finalists at the BCR Iași Open, said that when she created this trophy jewelry she was inspired by one of the most beloved Romania

February 23, 2023
We have another champion from Romania at the BCR Iași Open!

The pair of Andreea Roșca/Darya Astakhova prevailed in an extremely spectacular doubles final with the score of 7-5, 5-7, 10-7 in front of the Hungarian couple Panna Udvardy/Reka Luca Jani, favorite no. 4, score 7-5.
Congratulations, champions!

February 23, 2023
The ATP supervisor's report was excellent.

The ATP supervisor's report was excellent.
Andrei Oriță, holder of the ATP Challenger 100 “Concord Iași Open” license:
"The ATP supervisor's report was excellent. As a general organization, everything was excellent. Thanks to the public from Iași who sh