July 31, 2023

Andreea Oprea, Concept Trei, keep your eyes on the ball, tie break interview

Andreea Oprea, Concept Trei, keep your eyes on the ball, tie break interview

Andreea Oprea, founder of Concept Trei salon, BCR IASI OPEN partner

1. How was Concept Trei founded? What inspired you to start your entrepreneurial journey and how has that initial inspiration developed over time?

Andreea Oprea: The "Concept TREI" story began in 2013, when we opened the first Nail Bar in Iasi, MADLENE. A few years later, we wanted to expand our range of beauty services and that's how Concept TREI was born.

2. Mission/vision Concept Three?

Andreea Oprea: Our mission is to bring smiles to the lips of our customers. May every visit be a joy for them, and they may leave the location satisfied. We believe that this aspect is only possible with beauty services and technologies at the highest standards.

3. What steps do you take to stay ahead of the competition and stay innovative in your approach?

Andreea Oprea: We are in continuous development, every day we learn new things and try to adapt to trends. Our focus is communication with the client, because this way we identify the need and can act on it with specific methods. We place great value on the relationship between the client and the Concept TREI team.

4. What do the Iasi Open tournaments mean for Concept Trei and for Iasi?

Andreea Oprea: Iasi Open is a very dear new collaboration. We were happy to be with the competitors, we were happy to have an event of such magnitude here, in our native country. Sport and beauty come together gracefully, and we take part with great delight in this project.

5. How does Concept Trei activate within the Iași Open to improve the fan experience and create a lasting impression for participants?

Andreea Oprea: Athlete, business woman, fan or beauty addict - whoever we are, we like to feel good in our body, precisely because we can focus much better on the rest of the tasks when this method is fulfilled. We just try to add a touch of added value through the make-up sessions, hair style and through the body treatments that we make available to the participants.

6. What is Concept Three's appeal to tennis fans?

Andreea Oprea: Keep your eyes on the ball and ALWAYS listen and invest in your body. He is the one who "gets" you through life.

7. How do the values of Concept Trei intersect with the values of Iași Open?

Andreea Oprea: Our partnership with BCR Iasi Open represents a united approach to promote performance, health, confidence and self-improvement. Whether it is a tennis player who wants to pamper himself after a demanding match or a client who wants a change of look, both sport and beauty complement each other in this journey towards excellence and personal satisfaction.

Performance tennis together with our clinic convey a message about trust and self-improvement. Tennis players face constant challenges on the court, but they keep their confidence and strive to push their limits. Similarly, the clients of our beauty clinic come with the desire to improve their appearance and self-confidence, and our team supports them on this path of self-improvement and positive personal transformation.

Extra: what is the recipe for success?

Andreea Oprea: The recipe for success is passion combined with work and perseverance. Just like in tennis, performance and success come from dedication, time, energy and hours spent to be the best, regardless of the field.


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