August 07, 2022

Ana Bogdan, after the triumph at the BCR Iași Open

Ana Bogdan, after the triumph at the BCR Iași Open

"This trophy has a special place in my soul. I will never forget this week spent in Iasi"
Visibly moved in front of the almost 1,500 spectators in the stands, Ana Bogdan thanked the people of Iași with tears in her eyes.
"I have no words to thank you. This week I will never forget. I love you very much. It is the most beautiful trophy and the most special, it has a special place in my soul. It's the most emotional match in my career, I don't know if I've ever experienced such emotions on the tennis court. Thank you and I love you from the bottom of my heart. I want to congratulate Panna on the tournament and wish her continued success. I want to thank my sister who stood by me and did everything for me. Thanks to Alex, my physio, thanks to the Kinetic team, my parents who must have been watching this final with their hearts in their mouths. Thank you Dan Cristea, without whom I could not have the physical training I have. Thank you to the family, thank you to Simo (nee Simone Tempestini), who is on trial at Bacău. Thanks to Marco, Simo's father, who came from Bacău to be with me. It means a lot to me. Thanks also to the organizers, to everyone who was part of this wonderful tournament. It was an exceptional tournament, a very well organized tournament and I'm glad from the bottom of my heart that I came to Iași, it was an absolutely wonderful week".


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