June 28, 2023

10 reasons to come to Iasi Open

10 reasons to come to Iasi Open

10 reasons to come to IASI OPEN:

1. You will witness world-class tennis, with both Romanian and international players.
2. Spectacular matches: Both men's and women's tennis offer exciting matches with intense rallies, incredible game strategies and twists.
3. Electric atmosphere: The emotions and adrenaline at IASI OPEN are incredible.
4. Access to top players: Our tennis tournaments offer the unique chance to see your favorite players up close, interact with them and get autographs.
5. Variety of matches: you will be able to watch both singles and doubles matches.
6. Networking opportunities: IASI OPEN tournaments attract a lot of participants - including players, coaches, sponsors and tennis enthusiasts.
7. Community: IASI OPEN brings people together. Together, we create a tennis-loving community and promote white sport in Romania.
8. Fun beyond tennis: we will have activations in the FAN ZONE, food stands and interactive experiences, to create a festival atmosphere.
9. Experience the latest trends and innovations in tennis: Electronic Line Calling - the advanced technology system that determines whether a ball has been hit inside or outside the court.
10. The power of example: participating in this tournament can be a very powerful source of inspiration. The opportunity to see the champions fight live: to see their dedication, discipline, skill and passion.

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