July 17, 2023

Matei Grădinaru, on the way to the big trophy, Sandra Group (Toyota & AUDI), tie break interview

Matei Grădinaru, on the way to the big trophy, Sandra Group (Toyota & AUDI), tie break interview


1. How was the Sandra Group founded? What was the inspiration behind this entrepreneurial journey and how has that initial inspiration developed over time?

Matei Grădinaru- SANDRA TRADING: This great definition "Sandra Group" was originally a very small private enterprise, founded by two young university assistants, engineers and parents in the idea of the triumph of freedom of thought imposed by the communist system.

The inspiration in this journey was constantly maintaining an atmosphere open to discussions with and between employees, a horizontal leadership that allowed all participants to expose and impose their own ideas, promoting the latest technologies at an international level, practically an extension of to the academic environment where I came from, something very difficult to apply and maintain in collaboration with multinational companies, which promote vertical management, from top to bottom.

2. GRUP SANDRA's mission/vision?

Matei Grădinaru- SANDRA TRADING: Over time, our philosophy has been to develop a family business, by promoting the latest technologies worldwide and reaching the stage where we are now making the transfer to a new generation.

3. What measures are you taking to maintain your position ahead of the competition and remain innovative in your approach?

Matei Grădinaru- SANDRA TRADING: From this point of view, we are very lucky to work for the global giants Volkswagen, Toyota, Audi, Lexus, which constantly keep the bar high in terms of the competitive and innovative fight, we have the role of transposing in our work area their philosophy.

We practically make sure that our employees translate the requirements of importers and manufacturers into their daily work.

4. What does the Concord Iasi Open mean for Toyota? What does the BCR Iasi Open tournament mean for Audi?

Matei Grădinaru- SANDRA TRADING: The Sandra Group always intends to return part of the income to actions in the community in which we live, especially through its own foundation "Sandra Gives a Chance".

5. How does GRUP SANDRA work within the Iași Open to improve the fan experience and create a lasting impression for the participants?

Matei Grădinaru- SANDRA TRADING: In our view, this tennis tournament must establish itself in Iași as a competition of values, fairness, transparency, inventiveness and fair play, in order to attract new followers, as well as more and more highly rated athletes.

The Sandra Group ensures the transportation of athletes and organizers throughout the Concord Iasi Open tournament with Toyota cars, and at BCR IASI OPEN with AUDI cars, having the latest hybrid technologies and offering great comfort.
The exhibition of several models in the location where the competition takes place, we want to be a source of inspiration for all participants of this wonderful event.

6. What is your advice for tennis fans?

Matei Grădinaru- SANDRA TRADING: Tennis fans can encourage this through sympathy for this wonderful sport, but also through monetary donations, buying tickets and subscriptions, which can ensure participation in internal and external competitions.
Without adequate funding, we wait in vain for spectacle and performances.
Adequate funds and a strong federation can complement the enthusiasm of young supporters of this sport.
Tennis in Romania was at the highest levels with names established in the world record.
Now we are waiting for a new generation of talents to bring us back to the podiums of the world, creating great joys for us to be proud of.

7. How do GRUP SANDRA values intersect with Iasi Open values?

Matei Grădinaru- SANDRA TRADING: Our values are the same: work, seriousness, courage, inventiveness, values that unfortunately are beginning to be no longer appreciated in our society.
Entrepreneurs are not seen as valuable people who bring progress to a society.

Extra: What is the recipe for success?

Matei Grădinaru- SANDRA TRADING: If we had known the "recipe for success", we would probably be in other places and not at work every day for over 30 years. We have been working with VW and Audi for 25 years and Toyota and Lexus for 5 years. The recipe for success is work.


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