Ball kids


❖ Composition of teams of 3 - 6 children for each playing field, each team having a leader;

❖ Each team will ensure a match on the field on which it was assigned;

❖ If more teams are completed, the change will be made hour by hour;

❖ The children of the balls, together with the line referees, will ensure the good development of the match in which they were assigned!

❖ The ball players will provide the balls, towels and drink to the players throughout the match and will respond only to the requests of the players and the referee;

❖ The whole children's team will have access to Kid's Day, where they will play with the players present at this tournament; ❖ The children's ball team will also be present at the award ceremonies;


❖ Age between 7 and 16 years;

❖ Knowledge of tennis;

❖ Filling in the forms sent by the organizers;

❖ Participation in the selection prior to the introductory courses;

❖ Availability during the period mentioned above according to



Children of volunteer balls will be admitted depending on their age (7 - 16 years) and their availability July 10 - 17 for the competition and July 5 - July 9, training.

The children are accepted following the selection organized at the CIRIC Sports Base on July 9th. The children of the balls that participated in the previous edition of CONCORD IASI OPEN have priority in the selection process.


All children will receive daily sandwiches, cakes, water and soft drinks.


The tournament will offer T-shirts, aprons and caps (possibly sweatshirts), the size of the selected people.


All participants will be monitored, trained and supervised throughout the tournament by the team led by Adriana Varbanciu - Phone: 0722.589.788

Become a child of balls

Tour Number of days
Concord IASI OPEN - 2021 Edition
Concord IASI OPEN - 2020 Edition