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Dear tennis and sports lovers,

The second edition of the Concord Iasi Open tournament will take place this year between 12 and 18 July 2021 at the Ciric Sports Base and will be preceded by the qualifications scheduled for 10 and 11 July. Concord Iași Open, a tournament with ATP Challenger 100 status and endowed with prizes worth 88,520 euros, received in 2020, at the inaugural edition, unanimous appreciations from ATP thanks to the flawless organization to which contributed the Iași City Hall, Romanian Tennis Federation, sponsors and reliable partners, an organization that would not have been possible without the support of the entire Iasi community.

Unlike the first edition, at the second one, we have great chances to allow the access of the spectators, provided that all the safety measures against the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the sanitary regulations in force are observed.

We highly appreciate all those who have been with us and who have shown their support since the first tournament and therefore, we have decided that the procedure for awarding invitations will take place following the protocol below:

Stage I - We offer advantages to the fans of the first tournament!

Our ideal is to allow all fans access to the Concord Iasi Open tournament. However, as this is not possible, we have decided that people who have registered on our website to obtain invitations to the first tournament will have priority to receive invitations to the second. However, we have some simple conditions that fans must follow:

  • They must express their desire to participate by accessing the website, Invitations section, where they must fill in the required data.
  • They must provide us with proof of vaccination with both doses, not older than 6 months, or present an RT-PCR test not older than 72 hours at the time of the event.

Those vaccinated with both doses must upload the proof on the website by June 30, 2021. To download the proof of vaccination you can access the website and then upload it on our website until the deadline.

Due to the small number of places, in the 2021 edition an adult can apply for a maximum of 2 children). According to current legislation, children over 12 years old must present the same evidence as adults (vaccination, negative test, proof that they have passed the disease)

They must complete the registration procedures by June 30, 2021.

2. Stage II - General public

Starting with June 30, after the end of the first registration stage, all those who want to participate in the tournament can apply for an invitation. The conditions for participation in stage I remain valid for the second stage as well (vaccination certificate or RT-PCR test)

Applicants have until July 5, 2021 to apply on our website and follow the registration procedure.

3. BONUS stage – Partners’ invitations

The main partners of the tournament can decide to offer invitations by organizing raffles or contests using their own communication channels. We invite you to follow their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages to be up to date with the latest information.

Important notes:

The maximum number of guests is limited and conditioned by the sanitary conditions, the anti COVID19 norms and the ATP and FRT regulations.

In 100% capacity conditions the number of seats available inside the base is 235 as follows:

  • Partners grandstand: 100 - you can access if you receive an invitation code from one of the tournament partners

  • Grandstand 1 (newly built): 135 seats - we will try to give everyone the opportunity to have access in one or more days. That's why it's important to apply so that we can organize properly.

Outside the base, in one of the parking lots, an additional grandstand with a capacity of 50 seats will be installed where the entrance is "free" without invitation or appointment, depending on the available seats. To gain access you will need to provide proof of vaccination with both doses at least 10 days before the event, or a negative RT-PCR test or proof that you have been through the disease.

Registration on the website does NOT guarantee the receipt of an invitation to the event, but expresses a person's desire to participate as a spectator.

The invitations will be granted on July 7, 2021 and those accepted will be informed by email.

Romania has made history in tennis and we want you to be part of the future

«Concord Iași Open» is the first big step to make the Romanians believe that they can still play finals in the "Davis Cup" as Ilie Năstase and Ion Țiriac have changed the history of planetary sports: a tennis tournament unique in Europe designed to give Romanian young people the chance to turn the impossible into possible.

There are companies and institutions that make you, sports lovers and tennis fans, part of the project specially designed for the most talented Romanian tennis players to live their dream of being champions, first at home, and then, like Simona Halep, to conquer the world ...

«Concord Iași Open» is the tennis tournament created for 7 young Romanian tennis players to guarantee the participation in the strongest competition in Romania as holders of wild cards on the main board (5) with 48 positions or in the qualifying phase ( 2).

You, as a sports enthusiast and passionate about tennis, will be convinced if Cezar Crețu from Iasi, along with Filip Jianu, the best Romanian youngster in the ATP professional standings, Nicholas David Ionel, recent winner of the Australian Junior double title, can The dream was to "follow" the legendary Ilie Nastase, the first world number 1 man in history.

Moreover, at the "Concord Iași Open" two other Romanian youngsters will play, the future national champion of 18 years and the winner of the "qualifications" scheduled on the morning of Monday, May 25, as well as three other "double" Romanian teams.

Designed, arranged and specially designed for the best young Romanian tennis players, “Concord Open” is the hottest ATP tournament where they can be admired and encouraged against some of the World Top 200 players even in the first days of competition:

* The questions in this questionnaire are OPTIONAL and getting the invitation does NOT depend on the answers given!